To see the return policy applicable for your Device or accessory, view below.

XO Broadband will gladly assist you with your return. Ship the Device back to us within 20 days of the date the Device shipped to you, to return or exchange the Device or cancel your new service activation for any reason. Return the Device with your receipt, in its package, with all contents, undamaged and in good working condition, with no material alterations to the Device’s hardware or software. Refunds and exchanges will be less any rebates received and shipping costs. Certain promotional offers may require you to return all items you received with your Device and you could become ineligible for any promotional discounts. You may be required to pay a restocking fee based on the Device Full Retail Price (“FRP”) as follows: $70 for devices with a FRP of $600 or more; $40 for devices with a FRP between $300-$599; and $20 for devices with a FRP of less than $300. Prepaid services, e-coupons, and gift cards are non-refundable.

If you chose to ship the Device contact us and we will email you a prepaid shipping label for your return. You are responsible for any charges incurred prior to service cancellation.

  • If you are new to XO Broadband contact us at to request a Return Authorization for all returns and exchanges or to return your Device and cancel your new service activation.
  • If you are a current XO Broadband customer returning an upgrade Device contact us at to request a Return Authorization for all returns and exchanges.

If you do not return your Device or if you return your Device in a damaged or altered condition, we may take one or more of the following actions:

  • Prevent your Device from working;
  • Elect not to process your service cancellation;
  • Charge you the cost to repair a damaged or altered Device; or
  • Charge you the suggested full retail price of a destroyed or altered Device, or a non-returned Device, (which may be greater than the price you paid), plus any shipping and handling charges.